Our front doors are made of quality composite materials, reinforced with steel and insulated as standard, providing high level of security and comfort. They share the same basic construction and are available in all possible configurations.
Key Features
C/w u-value standard no higher than ( 0.95 )

Atmosphere resistant coating with unique finish

Thickness of steel sheets – 1.5mm

Triple and quad glazing as standard, with mirror, frosted, etched or clear glass options

Heavy duty hinges with ball bearings

Option to install additional locks, post box, peephole…

Option to choose colour from RAL palette

Flexible design

ISEO R6 plus lock
ISEO R6 plus lock

Elafindoors are working with ISEO top quality anti-burglar company door locks.

ISEO – a company founded in 1969 in Italy.
In its activities, the company started production of lock cylinders, locks and padlocks corpuses. Today ISEO is one of the largest companies in Europe locks in the manufacturing sector, only their factory in Italy accounting for 11 million cylinders a year.
New Scandinavian ISEO lock – safety, quality and convenience of the combination. The full set of locks on a secure German company DORMA locks housing DL712 ISEO R6 PLUS cylinder, double fastening handles with nylon ball bearings and internal fasteners with nylon ball bearings.

DORMA DL 712 – safety lock

• The lock is certified according to EN 12209 – it 3 – s safety class.
• Protection against corrosion – Class 4 by 1670 (withstand 240 hours salt spray test solution).
• Latch of hardened steel.
• The lock is locked 45-degree turn of the key.
• Front lock plate – brushed chrome.
• Protection of the lock cylinder compression during installation.
• Handle always horizontally position.
• Suitable for use in fire doors.
• Locks tested not less than 200,000 the number of cycles.
• Remove the anti-lock casing drilling is completed additionally.


Certified 5th security class under the master cylinder regulating the quality and safety of the European standard EN 1,303th
• Comes with one “key, which unbreakable if used one of the five main keys.
• Protection against cylinder drilling.
• Protection against unlocking by a passkey.
• Ergonomic dimple keys, which can be put into the cylinder in any half – especially recommended for families with children and the elderly.
• The main keys are provided in a sealed package that can be opened only key owner eyes.
• The identification card.
• special rubber compound key head.
• The ability to merge into a single locking system – Tandem.

Elafindoors front doors lock
Elafindoors front doors lock
Elafindoors front doors lock