Windows for you bright life

Elafindoors manufacture and install all kind of best quality windows for your home.

Aluminum windows.

The products are made from certified and recognized in Europe “Yawall” and “Ponzi” aluminum profiles, we use the world-famous brands (Pilkington, Guardian) glass.

Plastic windows.

The products we manufacture exclusively in Class A in plastic extrusions, which we supply globally recognized PVC profile manufacturer VEKA “, famous as an exclusive high-quality profile for windows offering company. We use certified glass packages (from the Guardian, Pilkington glass), which can be enlarged with the thermal, acoustic and solar control properties.

We use “Maco” (Germany) for the highest quality hardware and accessories

Fire windows.

This production is made of aluminum, certified and laboratory tested materials and completing parts. Fire protection products use Pilkington fire glass. Today we offer the Lithuanian Fire Research Center (GTC) tested and certified our products: EI60 doors and partitions, whose resistance to open fire> = 60 min.

Elafindoors plastic windows
Elafindoors plastic windows
Elafindoors plastic windows
Elafindoors plastic windows

With warming expenses on the ascent, house proprietors are progressively searching for vitality sparing arrangements. Present day UPVC windows in light of our new SOFTLINE 82 profile framework improve the vitality effectiveness of simply any building while at the same time offering extreme comfort. The 82 mm establishment profundity, multi-chamber warm protection and propelled fixing have a gigantic sway on vitality utilization – and make your home an incredible spot to live in any season. With divider thicknesses adjusting to the most noteworthy German standard (RAL Class A), SOFTLINE 82 consolidates phenomenal warm properties with extraordinary solidness and wellbeing. Its ageless structure fits every single engineering style, from best in class new development to revamped old structures.

Unique thermal performance and Slim design

Indeed, even in huge windows, SOFTLINE 82 windows in Dublin consolidates slim unmistakable surfaces and superb cost proficiency. The framework’s exceptional unbending nature and warm protection settle on it the ideal decision for acknowledging present day structures with vast coated territories that are likewise profoundly vitality productive. This applies to new structures just as refined repair ventures. Accessible in a wide assortment of hues and shapes, SOFTLINE 82 gives draftsmen every one of the conceivable outcomes they wish for.

  • A basic installation depth of 82 mm makes the system universally suitable for new construction and refurbishments
  • Its excellent thermal insulation is achieved by a unique multichamber geometry, enabling Uw values of up to 0.67 W/(m2 K)
  • The high-performance sealing system with triple gaskets shields off noise, cold, damp and draughts
  • Proven steel reinforcements have the size and strength to guarantee safe functioning and burglar resistance
  • The classic design with its elegant lines and slightly rounded contours blends in with any architectural style

Profile particulars

• World class vitality effectiveness in a perfect world appropriate for low-vitality/uninvolved house windows

• 82 mm framework with multi-chamber profile geometry

• Wall thickness adjusts to a most astounding quality standard,

RAL Class A (DIN EN 12608, Class A)

• VEKA quality for the best in unbending nature, usefulness also, administration life

• Proven steel fortifications from many years of experience – fitting in with VEKA Reinforcement Guidelines

• The ideal decision for new development and restorations

Vitality proficiency

• Efficient warmth protection that satisfies the current and

predictable administrative prerequisites spare vitality and

warming expenses while ensuring your venture

• Thermal execution of profiles: Uf = 1.0 W/(m2 K)

• Thermal execution of complete window in the wake of coating for example

Uw = 0.91 W/( m2 K) in the event that sheet has Ug = 0.7 W/( m2 K), ψg = 0.050 W/(mK) Uw = 0.67 W/( m2 K) in the event that sheet has Ug = 0.4 W/( m2 K), ψg = 0.035 W/(mK)

Fixing framework

• Three fixing levels shield off commotion, cool, clammy what’s more, drafts

• Added focus seal inside the window outline

• High-quality gaskets in dark or dim

• Also accessible with standard refund seals

Coating refund

• 25 mm sheet mounting profundity for improved warm properties

• The wide scope of coating alternatives from 24 mm to 52 mm sheet thickness empowers most extreme adaptability in making individual stationary windows and casements

Innovative conceivable outcomes

• Large surface completion decision of near 50 extraordinary hues and stylistic themes, just as aluminum tops


• Eco-accommodating gratitude to our assets safeguarding generation process

• SOFTLINE 82 profiles are close 100% recyclable

Upgraded heat protection

Building up a framework with the best warmth protection properties does not occur unintentionally, yet rather because of centered improvement work. Our prosperity demonstrates us right. Various figurings have created extraordinary warmth protection esteems. Directly from the earliest starting point, the objective of advancement was to accomplish a warmth protection estimation of Uf – 0.92 W/m²K for the standard blend with steel, making the framework appropriate for use in inactive houses. This was cultivated through the entirety of the imaginative framework configuration subtleties.

Improved statics because of STV®

static dry coating

The STV® static dry coating innovation created by GEALAN includes holding the glass and band profile utilizing a sticky tape planned explicitly for structure windows while as yet having the capacity to pack the glass not surprisingly. Holding the sheet with the scarf profile exchanges the firmness of the glass sheet to the band and makes the whole framework all the more naturally steady. This implies standard components can be created totally with no steel. Consolidating STV® and steel in the band allows especially huge window components.

The blend of STV® innovation and customary steel hardening components allows the creation of unrivaled component sizes.

Tedious modification and re-alteration take a shot at the window can be diminished to a base.

Holding the sheet and band improves the counter thievery assurance.

Indeed, even after extensive stretches of utilization, windows with STV® innovation still close as decisively as a safe.



GEALAN-FUTURA® is the single profile blend in the S 9000 framework. It offers the alternative of structure inactive house-perfect window components, incorporating into shading, as per the ift mandate WA-15/2 utilizing standard profiles and standard 2 mm steel hardening components. The ensured Uf estimation of 0.89 W/(m²K) affirms the exceptional fundamental warmth protection properties. Most extreme band measurements of up to 2.40 m are conceivable with GEALAN-FUTURA® when utilizing STV® holding innovation.

S 9000 PLUS



S 9000 is the new GEALAN focal gasket framework with a steady bar in the window outline. The focal gasket bar successfully ensures the mechanical parts in the window from outside variables. Focal gasket frameworks emerge for their amazing protection characteristics.


Its exceptional static properties make S 9000 or more in a perfect world appropriate for structure expansive components with acrylcolor surface wrapping up. GEALAN’s STV holding innovation implies that S 9000 or more windows can be additionally updated for solidness and security of utilization.


Indeed, even the standard adaptation of the S 9000 framework is one of the most secure choices around. In any case, the S 9000 framework’s new focal domed gasket makes the criminal’s activity a lot harder. Most break-ins begin with the window being turned out: the gatecrasher slides a screwdriver between the edge and scarf. The strong new arch is a successful hindrance against this.



Improved windows GEOMETRIES

Amid the advancement of GEALAN-LUMAXX®, the whole edge geometry was improved while the profile widths were packed to a base. The planners gave extraordinary consideration to accomplishing a fair connection between protecting properties and statics, just as an ideal transaction of parts. The symmetrical impact of the thin single mullion likewise adds to the adaptability of utilization in window development.

An immediate correlation demonstrates it: The new GEALAN-LUMAXX® is fundamentally smaller than past casing mixes. Previously, mullion structures frequently required width of up to 150 mm or more. Overwhelming, ugly bars demolished the window layout and let far less light into the room. Thin sightlines can, at last, be accomplished with the new framework, without renouncing convenience and security.

In spite of the attention on limited sightlines, the new scarf/mullion profile doesn’t bargain with regards to statics. Both utilize specific steel which, because of its static properties, takes into account components of up to 2.30 m in white and 2.20 m in shading. In mix with STV® holding innovation, component sizes up to 2.50 m in white and 2.40 m in shading are conceivable.