uPVC windows

Made of high-quality plastic, our windows have excellent insulating properties and a stylish look.

“VEKA”, “Maco”, “Guardian”, “Pilkington” – our choice of brands for style and durability.

  • High quality class A PVC profiles;
  • Outstanding quality hardware and accessories;
  • Heat, noise and solar control properties;
  • Excellent insulation and energy efficiency

Our uPVC windows


The VEKA system that is ready for future requirements

As the heating prices continue to rise, homeowners are on the lookout for energy efficient solutions. SOFTLINE 82 UPVC windows with multi-chambered 82 mm profiles meet the RAL Class A standard and offer excellent thermal insulation. Perfect for new developments as well as revamped old structures, SOFTLINE 82 ensures a pleasantly warm home and lower heating bills.

Product description

  • 82 mm system with innovative multi-chamber geometry for excellent thermal insulation
  • Insulation values of up Uw = 0.67 W/(m²K) when using highly insulating triple glazing with Ug 0.4 W/(m²K)
  • Glass penetration of 25 mm reduces heat transfer
  • Universally suitable for new constructions and house renovation projects
  • Wall thickness at the highest RAL quality standard ‘Class A’ (DIN EN 12608)
  • Three-level seal keeps out noise, cold, damp and draughts
  • Also available as AD system with rebate seal
  • Surface finishing with films and skirtings possible

Unique thermal performance and Slim design

SOFTLINE 82 system is suitable for windows of all sizes, offering a sleek look and superb cost efficiency. Wide range of color and design options allows to find a perfect fit for every home.



As saving energy is becoming increasingly important, the innovative VEKA profile system SOFTLINE 82 ensures high thermal performance and superb cost efficiency while offering slim design. Made of high quality PCV materials, these windows are a perfect combination of durability and sleek looks.

Product description

  • The windows correspond to energy efficiency class A, A +, A ++.
  • This profile system also complies with EN 12608 and RAL-GZ 716/1 standards.
  • 7 chambers (frame) and 6 chambers (sash) inside the profile!
  • Glass penetration of 25 mm reduces heat transfer
  • SOFTLINE 82 is equipped with a high-performance sealing system with triple gaskets
  • Shields off noise, cold, damp and draughts
  • The classic design with its elegant lines and slightly rounded contours blends in with any architectural style.
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